Estate Planning

With the constantly changing laws and regulations in the Elder Law and Estate Planning fields, planning is key. Whether the client is in their twenties or their nineties, or any age in between, we have the background to assist in preparing the correct estate planning documents to protect the client’s estate and to see that it is distributed as desired.

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what to know

Can you help with finding a guardian for my family member?

We personally help guide each client through the morass of “red tape” and paperwork associated with nursing home admissions, or securing the multitude of government benefits to which a client may be entitled based upon the client’s particular circumstances. Where necessary, we can assist in establishing a guardian for an incapacitated or disabled person, who may be unable to execute appropriate documentation to protect their own interest.

What estate planning services do you provide?

Whether it is the preparation of a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Power of Attorney, an Advanced Healthcare Directive (including a Living Will), a Trust or any other estate planning documents, we provide prompt attention and legal advice to give our clients comfort in knowing their planning needs are being met.

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