Adoption proceedings are commonly very direct and straight-forward proceedings, and can range from adoptions handled by agencies or private adoptions such as step-parent adoptions. We understand the law and the procedures that must be followed in any adoption.

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what to know

What adoption experience does your team have?

The attorneys at Griffie & Associates, P.C. routinely handle adoptions in all circumstances where all parties are committed to completing the adoption, whether this is the adoption of a child through an agency or privately such as an adoption by a step-parent. Our attorneys have also been involved in many contested adoptions where the intent is to terminate one parent's rights in order to allow an adoption to occur. As with all areas of family or domestic law, having this experience assists our clients in making the correct decision on how to best proceed for all involved.

What is the adoption process like?

In most cases, the adoption is a very positive and rewarding experience for all concerned and it is the intention of Griffie & Associates, P.C. to assist in maintaining that atmosphere throughout the adoption process.

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