When addressing a custody dispute between parents, or in situations involving third parties, such as grandparents, our extensive involvement in a wide array of these cases with diverse factual circumstances and varying needs for the children involved allows us to give each and every case an individual approach. Whether it involves the need to pursue lengthy and involved litigation through the Courts, negotiating an amicable resolution of the case putting the children's best interest at the forefront of the case, or any variety of the many ways to resolve a custody action, Griffie & Associates’ attorneys have experienced these various situations, allowing us to help every client through these difficult times. Having handled hundreds of custody cases allows for us to view each case on its own merits and provide detailed advice and guidance.

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As in most areas of family law, through our many years of handling these cases, we are able to assist our clients in deciding the correct approach for each individual case. By having this experience, including detailed litigation and appellate experience, we can help our clients to resolve the most contentious custody matters to the client’s best interest, and, therefore, their children's best interest, while helping to avoid as much emotional turmoil as possible.

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