Estate Planning

In Pennsylvania, a Will is not filed (or probated) until after a person dies. As a result, you can change or update your Will at any time throughout your life, as circumstances require. We offer an initial consultation where we will review your needs and then estimate the cost for your estate planning needs with the consultation being $150.00 for the first hour.
A Will is a legal document that helps put your affairs in order at the time of your death. Every adult should have a Will to outline their intentions regarding their home, finances, investments and other assets and possessions upon death. Your Will should identify who will handle your estate, how your assets will be divided and who will serve as guardian for your minor children. If you die without a Will, your money and possessions will be distributed according to a formula fixed by law, which means that your spouse may be required to share assets with other family members not of your own choosing. It could also create lengthy delays in the final distribution of assets. Additionally, dying without a Will could result in your minor children being placed in the care of a court-appointed guardian rather than with people you would have chosen.
Estate planning involves judgment and skills acquired only through professional training and experience. Standardized Wills and Trusts, such as those produced using kits or computer software or found online may not be drafted to comply with Pennsylvania laws. Estate planning documents that are not properly drafted could result in your estate being distributed in a manner contrary to your wishes or create unwanted and unintended tax consequences.
While it is not necessary to have specific documents with you, if you have an itemization of the assets you own together or separate and it is also a benefit have full names of your children or other beneficiaries as well as their addresses, telephone numbers and related contact information. If additional information or documentation is needed following the appointment, that can be secured and provided to your attorney for review at a later time.